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Complete Access Control for RMIT

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Rmit Complete Access Control System Car Park

RMIT has had a long-standing relationship with Australian Bollards for the last quarter of a century. Over the years we have installed bollards for RMIT in both the city and Bundoora campus. Recently, Australian Bollards installed Parking Barriers for RMIT Bundoora’s outdoor car park, providing protection for both the students, staff and RMIT’s visitors by only allowing access to authorized drivers.

Our AB-DBA-900 Parking Barrier is a boom gate system placed at entry and exit points of carparks and secure areas. This car park crash railing functions with loop wiring and infrared sensors providing an anti-collision system that will cause the boom gate to automatically retract if the car is still passing through. The Parking Barrier can be placed on the left or right side, depending on the client. It can be controlled by remote, ticket machine or even by an app.

For a complete access control solution, our Parking Barrier is best used in combination with our range of parking barrier solutions and car park crashing railing systems; Security Camera Bollards, Intercom Systems, HOUSING FOR Access Control System, Emergency Help Points and Stainless-steel Bollards. At RMIT Bundoora Carpark we have also placed these products throughout the car park.

Rmit Complete Access Control System Car Park

An optional feature for our Parking Barriers are LED AB-DBA-6M and AB-LBA-900 Illuminated Boom Arms. The Illuminated Boom Arm is ideal for night-time visibility and safety, increasing awareness for drivers in the evening. The boom uses DIA illuminated LED balls, a proficient way to maximise safety by using a colour coded system. When the boom gate is closed it illuminates red, signalling to drivers to stop. Upon entry the boom gate will lift and illuminate green, allowing passage to the driver.

For more information on how you can install a complete access control solution in your carpark please call today on +613 9459 3488 or visit our website.

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