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Coles Supermarket Ram-Raided in Seaford

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CCTV captured a ute smashing through the entrance of a milk bar, a Coles supermarket and a smoke shop last week. The footage also shows the vehicle crashing into benches and shopping trollies before ram-raiding the roller door of a smoke shop. Police believe their objective was to steal cigarettes, although they left empty-handed.

Although this kind of ram-raid is one of the most common forms of commercial burglary in Australia, there is something that can be done to deter ram-raiders and burglars when it’s most needed. Burglars prefer early-morning ram-raids, as this provides cover and a lack of security guards and shoppers to complicate matters. And if they make it out before police arrive, no one will see them leave.  

A quick survey of the entrance to the recently ram-raided Seaford shopping centre shows there were no bollards installed at the entrance. The burglars would have taken note of this and used it when targeting which premises they will steal from. And as we have seen before, simply the presence of high-impact bollards are a deterrent to potential ram-raiders.

High-impact, key lockable and removable bollards can stop a 1.6 tonne vehicle travelling at speeds of up to 60 kilometres per-hour. We have a range of affordable and customisable options which can be installed at shopfronts and shopping centres Australia-wide.

Call +613 9459 3488 for more information on how you can prevent burglaries and ram-raids, or visit our website to see which security solutions best suit your needs. 

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