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Cold Rock smash not on the menu

by: NJM Group on

A car has crashed into a Cold Rock ice-cream outlet at Wellington Village Shopping Centre in Rowville. The 54-year-old driver was treated for shock and the cause of the crash is unclear but the signs point to an accident.

There were a few people inside the store and luckily no one was hurt this time but this might not always be the case.

Whether drivers intentionally try to use their cars for ram raiding or not, the fact remains that danger can strike at any time. Shopfront protection is paramount for shop owners because asset & customer protection is a must.

A vehicle in recently lost control in Brooklyn, NY, and ploughed into six people leaving some victims with serious injuries. While the car did not go through any shops, it is again a reminder of the importance of storefront protection as high impact bollards could have limited the damage done to the pedestrians.

Australian Bollards have a range of high impact bollards for storefront protection to prevent incidents like these. Our bollards can be either fixed or removable depending on our client’s needs.

Recently we installed our removable, sub surface mounted stainless-steel bollards in front of North Blackburn Shopping Centre.

The bollards gave our clients a peace of mind that their assets and their customers are protected from instances such as this.

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