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Coates Hire - Sliding gates for solar Solutions.

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Every Day, Australians all over the country head to work in-order to support themselves and their families. Australian bollards offer solutions to help make these workdays less taxing and easier on everyone. One of these solutions are the solar powered access control panels, that can be used to power a multitude of different devices to make working easier. These panels can power most electrical devices including lights, signs and even automated access control gates.

In February 2019 one of these solar paneled devices was installed in Coates Hire Oakleigh to power an automatic access control sliding gate. Automated gates are very sturdy and secure and are important to protect privates properties and assets. However; these gates are very heavy and can be taxing on the people who must manually close them, making the installation of an automatic panel, especially one that is solar paneled a very effective solution to solving this issue.

This solution is accessible and easy to use through the option of a smartphone app, that is available on most smartphones including android models and apple operating systems. With the use of a solar powered panels security gates and lights can even operate in the event of a power outage or emergency event, keeping properties safe at all time.


The solar powered panel is a green solution to running 24-hour electronic devices. Not only does this solution decrease amounts spent on electricity but also advocates for environmentally sustainable green solutions.

Australian bollards solar powered panels can be installed on pre-existing sliding gates, upgrading the gate without needing to install or build of whole new fence. However; we also offer custom made sliding fences and gates with the solar powered operating system included to fit your space and needs.

If you would like Australian bollards to help you make your workdays easier with the installation of automated sliding gates and solar powers panels. Just as we have with Oakleigh coats hire, please contact us at or visit for more information.

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