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Coastal solutions for public security

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Northern Beaches Council has seen a push towards better security, with liberal councillors Pat Daley and Dave Walton wanting to install bollards in Manly and Dee Why to prevent attacks.

Mackellar Federal Liberal MP Jason Falinski also emphasises the importance of public safety by calling applications for grants of up to $1 million to improve security in pedestrian heavy areas.

“What we have already seen around Sydney is public spaces being protected from what are called ‘dumb attacks’, where people aren’t using particularly sophisticated tactics to harm the public,” Mr. Falinski says. “That is prevented with bollards and similar devices.”

Attacks like the Bourke Street incident in Melbourne has increased the focus on terrorism and the need to for extra protection. Bollards would be a way to keep tourists safe. They have become a popular Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) measure, to restrict access and prevent vehicles are used as a weapon in public spaces. This would be especially useful at public tourist destinations locations such as Manly.

Bollards are a popular solution for a reason. They are an easy and secure way to manage traffic and mitigate the effect of terrorist attacks and hostile vehicle attacks. VBIED bollards and PAS 68 compliant bollards are also heavy duty enough to create stand-off between a potential detonation and crowds or assets.

“Sadly we live in an environment where we need to think about these sorts of things, we want it done in a way that is visually unobtrusive,” Mr Daley says.

Australian Bollards agree that it’s of great importance to have bollards not only protect but also be practical and visually appealing. The bollards need to work for people in their every day, and be designed in a way that’s unobtrusive and pleasing to the eye.

We take a soft approach to hard security with our tailored VBIED bollards that protect against vehicle borne threats while blending into the surroundings seamlessly.

The design can be customised to suit any need, and are often also multifunctional. They can for example have built-in lights or flat seating areas.

A suitable bollard for Manly beach could for example be a granite clam bollard, with VBIED rating, heavy enough to stop a vehicle but it would also be decorative and give tourists and locals alike the holiday vibes.

And that’s exactly the point of a soft approach to hard security.

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