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Childcare explosion a near miss!

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In the early hours of Monday morning a wild police car chase broke out in the Melbourne West suburb of Tarneit.

In the chaos that ensued the driver lost control of his vehicle which careered into a local childcare centre.

The car exploded and burst into flames leaving Kool Kidz childcare centre a skeleton of what it was before.

The disturbing fact is if the accident occurred a few hours later, the centre would have been filled with around 30 children and staff.

When parents drop their loved ones off in the morning before going to work, a simple bollard installation can give them peace of mind that the building front is protected.

If bollards were installed in front this child care centre, the building would be in tact with the damage contained to the car.

Cars crash into building for many reasons, uncontrolled drivers, terrorism, deranged member of society or even just commuters mistaking their accelerator for their brake.

Australian Bollards has a history of installing bollards in front of child care centres to mitigate these risks.

With a wide range of high impact bollards our customer service team would be happy to answer your questions in regards finding a solution for your childcare centre or shopfront.

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