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Charlottesville shows the need for Safe Zones

by: Australian Bollards on

 The incident in Charlottesville, Virginia where a man rammed a car through a protest killing one person and injuring 32 others makes us think about the need for creating safety zones for the people.

Vehicle-ramming attacks have become increasingly common due to rise of terrorism and political unrest; similar attacks took place in Westminster in March 2017, Nice, Ohio University and Berlin.

 Not just a public protest but any area which has a large number of people gathered together is vulnerable to attack, specially from vehicles ramming into pedestrians.

Australia is home to some major cities of the world and these recent attacks should make us aware about the need of the safety zones, especially in areas where large number of people come together for an event or their daily commute to work. Areas such as Bourke Street, Queen Victoria Market area, the Melbourne Cricket ground, which are home to large crowds on a daily basis and happen to be major tourist attractions and event spots.

There is an immediate need of safety barriers which separate the pedestrian areas from the roads for better protection of the ‘walking-man’, they can be bollards placed on the footpaths preventing the cars to enter the pedestrian areas and potentially injuring people. Also certain safe zones must be created, especially in the CBD where the movement of vehicles is completely restricted to further protect the people from any potential harm by vehicle-ramming.

Protective measures such as this are very crucial, especially in high risk zones where people gather together in large numbers. Potentially threatening activities can be curbed easily by creating such safe zones using bollards and barricades.

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