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CFA To Ramp Up Security After Wave Of Break-Ins

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Volunteer-run CFA brigades have been left disappointed after a recent wave of break-ins around rural Victoria. 

Snake Valley CFA, the most recent victim of the series of thefts, has announced it will be “ramping up” security after chainsaws and firefighting equipment were stolen from its headquarters. Thieves entered the property by ripping at a door handle some time over the weekend before leaving with over $10,000 worth of equipment.

Similar burglaries have occurred in at least 10 surrounding areas including Horsham, Napoleons-Enfield, Buninyong and Berringa, prompting CFA authorities to increase security. 

Though it’s not too late for the CFA to ensure the safety of the communities that need them. Australians are not unfamiliar with bushfires and house fires, and our local CFA brigades are an important asset to the communities they serve. 

Australian Bollards provides protection from ram-raids and burglaries using a variety of security solutions on premises around Victoria. High-impact bollards by Australian Bollards protect businesses of all kinds Australia-wide in situations like the CFAs. For example, Maton’s guitar factory in Box Hill, a Sunshine jewellery store and a shopping centre in South Morang.

Our security solution at North Blackburn shopping centre was installed after a ram-raid attack on its front entrance. Since then, businesses and shoppers have had high-impact bollards to protect them against ram-raids. 

Another security solution provided by Australian Bollards is SecureCloak. This anti-theft device is equipped with an audible siren to distract would-be thieves, notifying neighbouring premises and business owners.


SecureCloak can be activated by a panic button or when triggered by intruders. It envelopes the room and burglar with smoke within six seconds, leaving valuable items invisible and burglars disoriented while inside the premises. 

For more information on our high-impact bollards and SecureCloak, visit the SecureCloak website, Australian Bollards website or call us on +613 9459 3488 today.

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