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Centurion - Standing the Test of Time

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Public protection is a great focus of Australian Bollards, we pride ourselves on keeping up to date on current impact test standards and ratings. We are delighted to be able to carry a multitude of different HVM solutions that hold various safety impact ratings. 

There are many different impact test standards for rating hostile vehicle mitigation solutions, such as bollards and traffic barriers. These test standards include PAS 68, IWA-14, K4, K12, M30 and M50.

The PAS 68 and IWA-14-4 are international standard, and the US standards include the K4, K12, M30 and the M50. The K4 and M30 have equal ratings, as-well as the K12 and the M50. For a solution to have one of the US standards they must be crash tested with vehicles at least 7000kg (15,000lb) going at least 50kph for a M30 (K4) rating and 80kph for a M50 (K12) rating.

Solutions that offer PAS 68 ratings:

Centurion Shallow & Surface Mounted HVM PAS 68 IWA-14 Sliding Bollard System.

The centurion shallow mounted sliding bollard systems are HVM solutions that are automated to protect pedestrian form VIBED attacks, whilst also allowing the entrance of first responders and emergency services in case of an accident or attack.


Solution that offer IWA-14 ratings:

Centurion Gate Keeper Shallow & Surface Mounted HVM PAS 68 IWA-14 Sliding Bollard System.


Solutions that offer K4 and M30 ratings/Solution that offer K12 and M50 ratings:

Cobra Road Blocker

The Cobra Road Blocker is the thinnest road blocker in the world with a K12/M50 safety rating. Safe and strong, made with a PAS 68 qualification design.

Hydraulic Bollard

The Hydraulic Bollard system is recommended for protecting sensitive security sites, such as embassies, police facilities, military bases and research industries alike.


Australian Bollards offers a large range of high-end VIBED security solutions, all of which are tested and developed to meet the previously mentioned top impact safety standards and requirements. For more information please visit the previously mentioned solution links.

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