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Cardinia Stations illuminating upgrade

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NJM Group has installed stainless steel handrails, illuminated vandal proof shrouds, balustrades and our mesmerising Timber Battens to enhance safety and the passenger experience at Cardinia Station.

 Illuminated Vandal Proof Shrouds

Our Illuminated Vandal Proof Shrouds allow commuters and passer-by’s light and safety throughout dark hours.  Manufactured from Stainless Steel, the shrouds are durable and resistant to all types of weather conditions and vandalism. 

Vandalism is a constant issue in our society, which costs our government millions of dollars each year to remove. By using vandal proof shrouds, we can take a step towards an economically better future and one that is free of vandalism.

Illuminated Shrouds

Stainless Steel Illuminated Shrouds were installed to add excitement and increase safety to the station. The solution provides a warm blue hue to the pathway to make commuters journeys a little more comfortable. 


Our Stainless Steel ramp handrails were applied to the underpass of Cardinia Station for an added level of safety and accessibility for all commuters. 

Timber Battens 

We installed our custom-made timber battens with infilled lights to add an architecturally modern feature to the underpass. 

The battens are durable and resistant to all weather conditions and offer a mesmerising finish. Used in conjunction with the wall art and our handrails and illuminated shrouds allow a practical and beautiful finish for all commuters at Cardinia Station.      

Our Timber Battens can be custom-made in different lengths and sizes and can be installed to fit your specifications. 

This installation is one of eight rail projects the company has completed in conjunction with the Department of Transport.

Others projects include working on Springvale, Nunawading, Lynbrook, Laverton North and Bentleigh Station

We have delivered a vast array of metal work services including handrails, balustrading, architectural platform screens and underpass pieces, ramps and illuminated shrouds in these projects. 

Australian Handrails has been heavily involved in the Victorian Government's Level Crossing Removal Project which aims to remove 50 dangerous and congested level crossings and plans to continue to be involved in future projects.

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