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Can we put a stop to hit and runs?

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Two woman and two children being pushed in a pram are lucky to be alive after being struck by a stolen car in Craigieburn.

The out-of-control white vehicle dislodged the pram’s front wheel and smashed into a fence surrounding Malcolm Creek off Grand Boulevard around 10am on Monday before three passengers fled the scene.

One of the women and the children, a two month old and a six month old, were transported to hospital as a precautionary measure, while the other woman did not require treatment.

This incident highlights the severe dangers that people can face, particularly on walking tracks and paths that run parallel with busy streets. Thankfully, Australian Bollards offer a variety of safety options designed to safeguard vehicles and pedestrians alike.

Armco Barriers are the ideal product for preventing another accident on Grand Boulevard. Available in single, double or triple height depending on application and with an assortment of different end fittings, Armco Barriers are the perfect solution for reducing pedestrian injuries and vehicular impact minimization.

However, there are situations where a different resolution is necessary. Whilst Craigieburn is growing at a rapid rate, it is still an outer suburb and there is little traffic compared to the hustle and bustle of Melbourne’s CBD.

Given the complexity of the inner city, it isn’t feasible to implement stretches of Armco Barriers in the name of protection. Instead, bollards are space efficient and easily installable alternative, suited to securing high risk areas such as shopping centres, public transport hubs and entertainment precincts.

Like Armco Barriers, bollards are a multi-purpose remedy, capable of shielding vehicles from damaging assets as well as from harming pedestrians. With various options boasting features such as flexible, retractable, high impact and VBIED resistant, Australian Bollards possess an extensive range of products to suit any application. 

Protective measures must become mandatory additions to high risk areas in order to avoid incidents like the Craigieburn hit and run, a situation that could have been easily circumvented. Whether Armco Barriers or bollards, these kinds of preventative systems are crucial to keeping people safe.

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