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Bunbury Ram Raiders Strike Again

by: NJM Group Marketing on

A Good Guys store in Bunbury, WA was ram raided last week. Nearby police officers attempted to confront the suspects, but the thieves ran away.

Several Bunbury businesses were hit by ram raids last year, so it makes sense for stores like The Good Guys to be protected by bollards. Unfortunately, the bollards were uprooted by the impact and the roller door was caved in, causing massive damage to the storefront.

While the bollards themselves are intact, the foundations were ripped out of the ground, with sand spilling out of the holes. This incident shows the importance of a strong concrete foundation – even though the bollard didn’t fail, the installation did.

The NJM Group are licensed commercial builders. With our dedication to quality manufacturing and installation, you can be sure that our bollards are up to the challenge.

We also offer a range of other security products. With our Roller Door Lockdown Kit, you can reinforce your door so it’s harder for intruders to break in, providing an additional layer of protection behind the bollards. If someone manages to get through all that, SecureCloak will hide your assets in a smokescreen that tags anyone in it with a unique chemical signature, making it easy for police to verify the culprit.

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