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Bollards prevent gang house attacks

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Melbournians are turning to bollards to protect themselves from a rise in gang violence and theft.

When finding a point of weakness in a home, gangs and other criminals often look to the garage doors as potential entry point to a home.

Garage doors often don’t stand a chance when encountered with a car ramming attack.

Australian Bollards has a range of solution to increase home security to ensure criminals cannot ramraid your garage door.

The CDKL-90 and CDPL-90 are key lockable and pad lockable solutions which are protecting homes around Australia today.

Australian Bollards is offering a limited time only sale for CDKL90 bollards to be provided, delivered and installed including housing and extra housing all for $495. This offer is exclusive to car club members.

The Myspace bollard is a twist lockable removable solution if a core drill installation cannot be achieved.

These home security solutions can be installed on the inside or outside of the garage door.

The home owner can simply use their key to remove the bollard for easy access control while ensuring any unauthorised vehicle cannot enter or penetrate the garage door barrier.

For an added layer of security, Australian Bollards offers a roller door lock down kit. This bolts the latch of the roller door to the ground making it incredibly hard to jimmy up with a crow bar.

Car lovers around Australia have their prized possession which they have put their hard-earned money and hours upon hours of work into sitting just behind a garage door.

Our homes are filled with our valuable possessions and more importantly, our loved ones, Australian Bollards will continue to provide solutions to ensure we can have peace of mind no matter the political or social landscape.

Our bollard solutions are PAS 68 rated to ensure your home has the highest level of protection.

If you are a car club member and would like to get the CDKL90 bollard delivered and installed for just $495 contact our customer service team on +613 9459 3488.

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