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Bollards installed after major gas leak at energy plant

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Bollards have been installed at an energy plant in Purley Way close to London after an incident that caused a major gas leak, affecting hundreds of people. 

Last week, a car accidentally collided with the plant. 900 people had to be evacuated, and trams and bus routes had to be diverted until emergency service teams had regained control over the situation. 

Fortunately, the gas leak didn’t cause any injuries and the people affected could return to their houses soon after.


The incident serves as a reminder of how important it is to protect vulnerable components such as gas stations, gas meters or in this case energy plants.  

As a result of the incident, bollards have now been installed in front of the energy plant to avoid incidents like it from occurring again. 

Installing bollards was the right decision. It’s a simple and effective solution. The energy plant in Purley Way decided to go for concrete bollards to protect their facility, a great choice, but they’re far from the only kind available on the market.  

Australian Bollards specialises in a range of solutions designed to withstand even large vehicles. One of our popular solutions is the High Impact AB-HSM168-Y bollards that our team has recently installed around a large gas tank in the Remondis yard, where trucks often pass.  

This high impact bollard is subsurface-mounted. It’s designed to stop high speed vehicles. It will even stop a large truck.  

We also have other varieties, such as gas meter bollards and fuel bowser protection bollards, all designed for the security that is so essential at vulnerable locations.

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