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Bollard stops Melbourne car rampage

by: Australian Bollards on

There was chaos in Melbourne CBD last night when a car under the guidance of a man with a history of mental illness ploughed into crowd of people.

In a planned attack, the man ran a red light and mounted the curb around Flinders Street Station as workers flocked to the train station after a hard day’s work.

The incident left 19 people injured and many more asking the question; what can we do to fortify our city?

The rampage ended when the car hit a bollard stopping it in its tracks.

The consideration needs to be looked at Melbourne City Council to shut down key areas of the city during festive periods to ensure people shopping and carrying out holiday festivities cannot be targeted.

Shopping areas such as Elizabeth street, Latrobe Street, Russell Street and Flinders Street, should all be turned into pedestrian only safe zones with the exception of emergency vehicles.

Melbournians should be able to spend time with their loved ones in their home city during Christmas time without being worried about incidents like this happening.

Victoria Police acting chief commissioner Shane Patton this morning labelled the incident as “horrific”.

“… Melbourne people are not defined by one event. They are a very resilient group and we know that. We have the cricket and the carols on, festivities and a range of events,” he said.

“I would urge people from Melbourne and visitors around the world to come out to this great city, to get out and about and enjoy it. We will be doing everything we can to make sure the public feel safe.”

Here at Australian Bollards we also want Australians to feel safe with a soft approach to hard security.

Our solutions can be deployed at a moment’s notice such as with the Event Bollard which was installed at Luna Park and St Kilda Market Esplanade yesterday.

With a range of Vanguard solutions on offer there is a VBIED solution to fit into any environment.

We will continue to work with city councils to help achieve our joint goals to beautify and protect Australia with soft approaches to hard security. 

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