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Blackburn Returns

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For the third time since May this year, North Blackburn Shopping Centre has been ram-raided. The two masked thieves took only eight minutes to cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage.

The thieves gained access to North Blackburn shopping centre by ramming a stolen ute through an unguarded entrance at 2:20am Thursday morning, using the vehicle to ram-raid four more stores.

The owner of the salon has expressed concern over the security of the shopping centre, which has bollards installed at other entrances to the premises. The thieves found their way through concrete columns and attacked a vulnerable side door.

Australian Bollards has previously installed anti ram-raid bollards at the front entrance of North Blackburn Shopping Centre. Thieves often inspect and study a premises before they break in, so they know what to expect when they ram-raid it late at night. These high-impact, anti ram-raid bollards have been providing the businesses inside the premises with round-the-clock security.

At Australian Bollards, we know thieves avoid high-impact bollards when choosing their targets because a vehicle could not have made it through. To avoid destroying their getaway vehicle, they instead chose to ram-raid a vulnerable entrance to get their vehicle through the entrance and inside the shopping centre.

If North Blackburn Shopping Centre had installed complete security solutions, including 360-degree perimeter protection, it would not have been the target for three ram-raids this year. Business owners require protection and security- and shopping centres should give it to them.

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