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Black Ice, Cold Snap, Strong Winds

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Road safety is a year-round issue. Australians face a new set of obstacles when winter comes and, as we’re currently facing cold weather, rain and harsh winds, Australian Bollards want to make all Australians aware of the dangers we face on winter roads this season.

‘Black Ice’ is invisible and generally forms during the night time and early mornings. It is most commonly found on stretches of road that don’t get much sunlight. 
Black ice makes braking difficult, so you should keep plenty of distance between yourself and the car in front of you. And if you hit black ice, avoid turning or accelerating, as turning the steering wheel quickly or braking suddenly can cause you to lose further control of your vehicle. So, we strongly advise you slow down and be patient, or else you risk losing control of your vehicle completely.

Australians who live in the country are most likely to encounter black ice. They usually have to drive long distances to work, shops and entertainment areas. This makes winter driving a major cause for concern every year for country Victorians. 
Remember that if you hit ice while driving, apply your brakes gently and keep calm. This will help you re-gain traction. 

In bad weather conditions you should brake with steady pressure and avoid braking completely while cornering. Braking in the rain takes twice as long as it would in dry conditions and headlights are a must. It is always advised you reconsider driving in extreme weather conditions to avoid possible hazards and accidents. 

So, how can we make Australian roads safer?

Here at Australian Bollards we supply road safety products such as curved railings, W Beam Guard Rails and W-Beam System by Armco Railing to councils Australia-wide. 

Guard rails keep vehicles on the road on steep inclines and corners. They also ensure drivers stay in control of their vehicles in bad weather and on difficult roads.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to see black ice before you reach it. Australian Bollards helps councils warn and protect drivers with our road safety products and by installing them for year-round protection.

Solar Road Studs help drivers navigate roads in bad weather and at night and help define the centre of the road and its contour and curves.

These solutions greatly improve visibility year-round and we will continue to work with councils to install the necessary safety solutions Australia-wide. 

For more information visit our website or call us on +613 9459 3488. 

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