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Bike Hoops – Security for inner city cyclists

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Alternations have been made to the eastern Main Yarra Trail under both sides of the Swan Street Bridge through the suburbs of Richmond, Cremorne and Burnley in Melbourne. The bridge upgrade began back in March 2017 and was completed by mid-2018, however, minor adjustments and improvements to the trail have recently been made in the past few months. 

Pedestrians and cyclists will now find it easier to cross under the bridge more safely due to the placement of barriers to divide cyclists and walkers from traffic. The upgrade has also included night-time lighting and ramps on either side of the bridge to facilitate people with limited mobility.

At Australian Bollards, we provide service, quality and continuous improvement in the provision of our high standard products and delivery services. Our company offers and provides a range of bike racks that cyclists can use to ensure the safety of their bikes when travelling through the inner suburbs of Melbourne.

The AB-BRH850-GAL Hoop Top Bike Rack is the perfect solution for cyclists travelling across the Main Yarra Trail. Constructed from galvanized steel, the bike rack can secure two bikes at a time, and is ideal for residential buildings, social hubs and outside offices. 

If you wish to stop and enjoy the view, guaranteed to support an entire bicycle frame, the classic hoop shaped design is 850mm in height, 950mm in length and 150mm in width; keeping your bicycle efficiently secured. The Hoop Top Racks can also be complimented by our fixed bollards, which offers further protection against vehicles that may be parking close by. 

Australian Bollards also offers the AB-BRR850-GAL Flat Top Bike Rack. This bike rack offers a stainless-steel finish that is both economically and space friendly, and has a two-bike capacity for cyclists. Just like our Hoop Top model, the Flat Top Bike Rack is another perfect solution for inner city locations, but can be equally convenient in quieter environments.

Like the Stanchions displayed next to the Yarra trail, our company also offers the installation of stanchions similar to the ones we previously installed at Blackburn Station back in November 2017. Stanchions are designed to provide a safety barrier between both the road of oncoming traffic and the footpath of passing pedestrians.  

For more information on the Hoop Top Bike Rack and other bike racks, call us on +613 9459 3488 or visit our website for more information.

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