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Avetta certificate being put to good use

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Two months on from receiving their Avetta certification, NJM Contractors is putting the documentation to good use. Avetta, formerly known as PICS Auditing, offers a range of business solutions including supply chain sustainability, corporate social responsibility and environment, health and safety protection.

This endorsement is highly sought after, granting organisations the necessary accreditation to work on specific government projects and qualifying that contractors are capable of operating in a safe conscious setting.

In March, NJM Contractors were granted an Avetta certificate as a result of satisfying contract requirements based primarily on workplace safety, environmental sustainability and product quality. NJM Contractors achieved this through their outstanding collaborations with Metro Trains Melbourne, fulfilling all business and contractual duties with an emphasis on quality and timeliness.

The relationship with Metro has continued to flourish ever since, with Australian Handrails, a division of NJM Group recently securing the contract to supply architectural handrails and metal works for the Bentleigh Station upgrade as part of the Andrews Government’s Level Crossing Removal Campaign.

However, this commitment to provide premium services to government entities isn’t limited to Victoria. Australian Bollards, another division of NJM Group, was responsible for the installation of Double Bitt Mooring Bollards on the docks of South Australia Water.

Capable of maintaining two mooring lines simultaneously without compromise due to the dual-column design, this marine bollard ensures boats, ships and other aquatic vehicles can be secured safely and efficiently at South Australia Water.

There is more than government developments going on at NJM Group. Australian Bollards has launched the Pocket Isolator, an innovative, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional timber formwork for casting concrete around fixtures.


Manufactured from recycled plastic, this ‘leave in the slab’ solution is a celebration of sustainability as it is a permanent measure, in stark contrast to common formwork which must be removed later on in the process, causing edge damage along with harming the environment.

Whether it’s assisting in the restoration of an outdated train station, providing a sustainable, alternative option to the marketplace or crossing state lines to help improve government facilities, NJM Contractors are dedicated to utilising their Avetta accreditation to deliver exceptional service. 

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