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Australian Bollards - Your Environmentally Friendly ‘Green’ Contractor

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Australian Bollards - Sustainable Range - Green Contractor

Friday the 20th of September 2019 held the Global Climate Strike, an event spanning 170 countries across the globe; 110 towns and cities across Australia. Australia was one of the first countries to participate in the strike that day, with over 300,000 people protesting across our country - double the number of participants compared to the last Climate Strike earlier this year – and part of the 4 million worldwide strikers. The strike was held three days before the UN Climate Action Summit of 2019 in New York.

Global Climate Strike

The target of the summit was to advance climate action for reducing greenhouse gas emissions to prevent global warming and temperatures from rising past the 1.5-degree level.

Here at Australian Bollards through the NJM Group, we have a range of green energy alternatives in our products that save energy and use recycled materials. We are glad for our countries efforts and support industries and businesses by providing green solutions. Australian Bollards is proud to be Australia's environmentally friendly 'Green' contractor, and we will continue our efforts to work on environmentally conscious projects. We value ourselves as being corporate citizens by being mindful of the community and environment in which we operate through, we embrace green building materials, ensuring a sustainable environmental future for us all.

Our sustainable range includes various types of Solar Powered Systems, Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, our energy-saving Glass range, Recycled Products and Ned Kelly Bike Shelter.


We have worked alongside several companies on projects that prioritise sustainable and environmentally friendly growth in communities. One of the projects we are collaborating on is the 202020 vision with Caribbean Business Park, which means to develop the entire park further to be more environmentally inclusive. Meaning more; rooftop gardens, more trees, greenery and environmental plants, areas and underground water flow. The 202020 vision hopes to make the park more sustainable, and we hope to continually lend our support. 

Solar Powered Products                                                                            

Australian Bollards has a vast assortment of Solar Powered products; Solar Bollards, Street Lights, Emergency Help Points, and LED Speed Humps. With the effects of global warming, due to our dependence on fossil fuels, solar power is a logical alternative. Environmentally friendly, with a zero-carbon footprint, solar power generation is the way for the future.

Solar Bollards

Australian Bollards – Sustainable Range - Solar Bollards

Australian Bollards – Solar Bollards range is an aesthetically designed bollard that operate in a fully automatic mode.  The lights automatically switch on and off by detecting day and night. They provide excellent light output as compared to others. 

They harness natural sunlight, converting sun rays into electricity via solar panels and store this electrical energy into purposely designed long life batteries. At night the light is then produced by drawing back from the battery.

These solar light bollards are ideal for illuminating pathways, complementing resorts, outdoor function areas, and creating a relaxed ambience.

These solar bollard lights have become a viable alternative to fixed wiring systems. It is economical to run, reliable and low maintenance eliminating the need for underground wiring. These solar bollards lights are heavy duty corrosion resistant and are made for commercial use, therefore both strong and durable.

Street Lights

Australian Bollards – Sustainable Range - Solar Street Lights

Australian Bollards - Solar Street Light range from 14 to 100 Watts. They're an efficient outdoor lighting solution that turns on automatically with light sensors.  Our 14-20 Watt street lights use a LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) Battery, which is far more durable than regular lithium batteries and can last up 8+ years. The larger high powered light panels can resist 200Km/h winds and are wind turbine tested, working in temperatures from -10 to + 65 degrees Celsius.

Without any power cables, these street lights can easily be stored anywhere. The benefits far outweigh the costs, $0 Electricity bill, $0 cost of Trenching and $0 cabling.

Emergency Help Points

Australian Bollards – Sustainable Range - Solar Emergency Help Point

Australian Bollards – Solar Power Emergency Help Point Bollard AB-SPEHP-200 can be integrated into any existing monitoring security system and can be implemented with minimal infrastructure, saving the client thousands of dollars in implementation works.

Mounted Solar Panel that powers the inbuilt batteries giving operation for a minimum 72 hours, a fully integrated camera with DVR allowing easy download. Warning alarm and flashing blue light triggered by turbine speaker providing the user with a quick response from authorities or as an information base, once the HELP button is activated our New Wireless 4G Help Point responds instantly, recording and sending a distress signal to authorities.

One of the most significant advantages is that the new SPEHP200 (Solar Power Emergency Help Point) is standalone. With its 4G capability, reaching 99.3% of the Australian Population, it can connect remote emergencies to the appropriate security and medical agencies. From the mountains to the coast, the new standalone Help Point Bollard offers a new mechanism for saving lives - 24/7 keeping Australians safer. Our New Wireless 4G Help Point Bollard would suit many applications such as bus terminals, car parks, universities, public parks, special events, shopping centres and many other applications.

LED Speed Humps

Australian Bollards – Sustainable Range - Solar LED Speed Hump - Road Stud - Line Marker

Australian Bollards solar powered LED Speed Humps AB-FD-300 suit a wide variety of requirements, with SRS300 surface mounted products.  The environmentally friendly speed hump can be used as a line marker or a road stud and can work for ten days straight on just four hours of sunlight charge. Solar road studs can be viewed 900 metres away, around 10 times more than the visibility of a cats eye.

Australian Bollards – Sustainable Range - Solar Speed Hump - Road Stud - Line Marker

LED Speed Humps are reflective, preventative systems from Australian Bollards’ range of solar solutions, engineered to emit light and restrict vehicular speed in enclosed areas.

Australian Bollards provides a sustainable solution with innovative solar powered Intelligent Speed Humps helping to reduce accident at regional rail crossing, intersection etc. Manufactured from yellow polyurethane with an anti-slipping surface pattern design, these products function in all weather conditions and feature three flashing lights on each side of the unit for outstanding visibility.

Applicable in a range of locations including commercial premises, petrol stations, car parks, driveways and factories as well as on roads, LED Speed Humps can be utilised for temporary or permanent use as a premium safety option. 

This smart, safe and sustainable option for providing guidance and hazard warning to drivers during the hours of darkness, reducing accident rates by over 70%, (UK Study) reducing environmental impact and saving costs.

Electric Vehicle Power Booster

Australian Bollards – Sustainable Range – Electric Vehicle Power Booster - EV

The number of electric vehicles (EV) is constantly on the rise. As the car manufacturers are continually trying to improve battery life and to promote usage of these vehicles, they are getting high media attention worldwide, and the awareness of these environmentally friendly solutions is getting higher every day.

The modern world is facing pressure to reduce carbon footprint while maintaining operational efficiency. As more and more environmentally conscious drivers are switching to EV vehicles, modern, intelligent and durable charging stations provided by Australian Bollards are the perfect solution for the market needs.

Australian Bollards – Sustainable Range – Electric Vehicle Power Booster - EV

Australian Bollards Electric Vehicle Power Booster AB-EV-22KW is the perfect solution to the environmentally conscious driver who prefer the use of an electric vehicle. The EV Power Booster is an intelligent modern charging station that is durable and sturdy and the perfect solution for the electronic vehicle market.

The station has a very small carbon footprint, just like the cars they are built to charge and innovative design with inbuilt temperature control that has been tested in 50-degree heat and can withstand direct sun exposure and high humidity.  The EV Power Booster is available for both commercial and private use.

Energy Saving Australian Glass

Insulated Glass

Australian Bollards – Sustainable Range – Energy Saving Glass - Insulated Glass

Insulated Glass by Australian Bollards is of optimal use when designed to reduce heat transfer and increase energy saving effects.

The insulated glass allows for high-point energy saving properties and noise reduction. Manufactured in either standard glass or extra clear, the glass meets Australian Standards to produce an impeccable finish.

Laminated Glass

Australian Bollards – Sustainable Range – Energy Saving Glass - Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is often used in vehicles as windscreens, side and rear windows, glass panel roofs and in homes and offices. This glass is designed to be shatterproof, enabling the utmost safety to people working or living in the environment.

High temperature and pressure are used to stick the panels together, made out of several layers of glass with PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral) or SGP (Sentry Guard Plus) film between each layer of glass. This process ensures that the glass is secure and strong against impact.

Laminated glass is used as a theft deterrent and in high security areas due to its strength and security. The glass maintains noise reduction properties, energy efficiency, UVR and water pressure resistance.

Recycled Products

Wheel Stops

Australian Bollards – Sustainable Range – Recycled Wheel Stops

Wheel stops provide the ideal solution for controlling the kerb overhang where it is inconvenient or hazardous to pedestrians, inhibiting contact with an end barrier or high kerb and also inhibiting encroachment into an opposing car parking space.

We provide an environmentally friendly, cost effective solution which should be an essential inclusion in any car parking facility.

Our AB-WS-1650 Wheel Stops made from recycled rubber and are an environmentally friendly, cost effective solution. They come with black and yellow reflective stripes which makes the product stand out for pedestrians and drivers alike.  They are also resistant to UV rays and can handle extreme temperatures which make them ideal for car parks that are above or below ground level. Both of our rubber and concrete wheel stops are compliant with the AS2890.1:2004, which makes them a requirement for any car park.

Speed Bumps

Australian Bollards – Sustainable Range – Recycled Speed Bump

Australian Bollards range of Speed Bumps AB-SH-500 are environmentally friendly and manufactured from 100 per cent recycled rubber. Our range of Speed Bums, like our Wheel Stops, are easy to install to both concrete and bitumen.

Pocket Isolators

Australian Bollards – Sustainable Range – Recycled Products - Pocket Isolator

Pocket isolators constructed from HDPE are also environmentally sustainable. They are constructed from recycled plastic, unlike the wooden counterparts where thousands of trees are cut down each year in order to produce this temporary formwork. 

Using a pocket isolator made from recycled material will not only benefit you cost-wise, but it will also contribute to preventing deforestation. Form guards are made from 100% Virgin High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). HDPE is a thermoplastic made from recycled plastic with a large strength-to-density ratio. It does not bond to concrete and is corrosion-resistant and long-lasting. Pocket Isolator or form guards by NJM Group are a “leave-in-the-slab” solution to protecting columns, pillars and poles – prior to pouring concrete – from exposure to moisture migration and its harmful effects on the anchor bolts, grout bed, base plate and lower segments of the vertical structure. They can be used for a variety of different applications such as supermarkets, shopping centres, apartment complexes, commercial developments and warehouses.

Ned Kelly Bike Shelter

Australian Bollards – Sustainable Range – Alternative Transportation – Bike Shelter

The Ned Kelly Bike Shelter AB-BS is a green solution to help keep our roads and environment safe and pollution free. A great way for locals to keep their bikes safe is with our Ned Kelly Bike Shelter range; a green solution to traffic problems. Our bike storage solutions help keep our roads and environment safe and unpolluted. We have a firm belief in protection, for both people and our environment.

The shelter is fully enclosed and provides optimum weather protection for cyclists and their bicycles. When providing bicycle parking at outside locations, consideration should be given to also providing protection against the elements, particularly in locations where the bicycles are parked long-term. The shelter can also be fitted with solar panels on the roof to serve as the key lock activation.

Using the Ned Kelly bike shelter, Parkiteer is a Public Transport Victoria Service that helps you get around with secure bicycle parking at Victorian train stations.

Australian Bollards – Sustainable Range – Alternative Transportation – Bike Shelter

The Ned Kelly Bike Shelter is a secure and space-efficient bicycle rack guaranteed to provide protection and storage for cyclists. Built to fit up to 30 bikes, this shelter can be used for hospitals, universities, schools, train stations, and other various public locations.


- Environmentally friendly transport option

- Protects bicycles from the elements

- Protects cyclist during arrival and departure

- Best suited for long-term parking

- Clearly defines the bicycle parking area

- Aesthetically attractive


- University and TAFE colleges

- Schools

- Bus interchanges

- Railway Stations

- Workplaces

- Shopping Centres

- Other Private & Commercial places

Australian Bollards

Australian Bollards is proud of our sustainable range and will continue our efforts to work on projects that are environmentally conscious. We value using sustainable products and will continue to play our part as being Australia's leading 'Green' contractors. 

We Australian Bollards operates under the NJM Group. We have consistently provided quality products and services that meet, exceed and improve client expectation. We do this while engineering our products to meet international standards such as PAS68 which is the most recent industry standard set in 2013, as well as IWA14-1/K12/M50. Australian Bollards are quintessential Australian manufactured, designed, and sourced products which give local, as well as international customers a sense of security with our consistency and obsession with quality and safety.

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