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Australian Bollards - Your Defence against Hostile Vehicles

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Has your business ever been victim to a hostile vehicle attack and need the appropriate protection to keep it safe? If so then Australian Bollards have the perfect hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) solutions in our AB-RDS7.2-64KPH Raptor Defence System and Centurion Sliding Bollard System.

The Raptor Defence System is a road blocker which is designed to prevent unauthorised vehicle access into a premise and is capable of stopping a 7.2 tonne vehicle travelling up to 64 kilometres per hour.

As well as protecting sites from hostile vehicles and reckless drivers, the Raptor Defence System also works in a pneumatic manner which makes it an environmentally friendly solution.  

The road blocker is installed in a surface mounted fashion and can be utilised on a permanent or temporary basis thereby making it a convenient solution to the threat of hostile vehicles.

The Raptor Defence System is also a flexible HVM solution as it can be openly deployed across a range of locations which include hardstand areas.

The Centurion Sliding Bollard System on the other hand is made up of two sliding bollards and is complimented by two fixed ones at either end of the product.

This A.I (artificial intelligence) solution is engineered to meet PAS 68, M50 and IWA 14.1 international standards; making it a revolutionary protective mechanism that will provide people and buildings with the highest level of security and safety from vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices (VBIED).

Like the Raptor Defence System, the Centurion Sliding Bollard System is also able to bring a 7.2 tonne vehicle travelling speeds up to 48 kilometres per hour to a halt and thereby neutralising the situation before potential issues arise. 

Both of these products are ideal to guard entry points at facilities like the MCG, Marvel Stadium and Flinders Street Station and/or protect large crowded areas at events like the Royal Melbourne Show, the Spring Racing Carnival and the Australian Open. 

For almost 30 years the team at Australian Bollards have been manufacturing products that will provide customers reassurance that they are purchasing the very best there is to offer in asset protection and security. 

For more information on our range of products including the Raptor Defence System and the Centurion Sliding Bollard System, please visit our website or contact us on +613 9459 3488 today. 

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