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Australian Bollards – UHF Long Range Parking Access Control System

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The UHF (ultra-high frequency) Long Range parking access control system by Australian Bollards is a security solution system. It is an advanced and intelligent system that is able to scan authorized personnel and grant them access when they are within a certain distance; and without the use of a a mobile, app or an authorisation card, which most security barriers require. They are able to scan you and give you access to offices, elevators and parking spots without any effort.

New traffic cameras and road laws have been implemented in both NSW and Queensland. Since February, Queensland’s mobile phone fines have had a large increase in consequences. If caught, a $1000 fine will be given and four demerit points will be deducted. NSW have implemented a new traffic camera that will now fine the driver if he or she is caught on camera using their mobile phone.

Mobile phone use while driving is a serious issue throughout the whole of Australia and has been for some time. The UHF long range parking reader system can help stop drivers going on their phones as the system can scan their car as it will be registered in the RFID system. A lot of companies require either an app or another device, which means you will either be using your phone or be distracted whilst behind the wheel.

The software is implemented with RFID, which is also an access control system that takes specific data from a specific RFID reader. Depending on one’s reader, it can both grant entry or denial into certain areas to personnel depending on their AUTHORIZATION status. They are able to operate in any type of weather condition as well, this comes in handy specifically for outdoor readers that are exposed to rain, hail or extremely hot weather conditions.  

This system will help refrain drivers from accessing their phone while driving due to the fact the UHF system scans the car when it gets within eight to ten metres of the boom-gate/door, allowing access into the area.

The UHF Long range parking reader security system is the perfect solution to keeping staff safe and compliant at all times.

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