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Australian Bollards Tram Security Package

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Australian Bollards provides the ultimate Tram Security protection package.

Melbourne is defined by a few things; largest amount of gig venues in the world, biggest coffee culture, street art galore and it is the largest operation of trams worldwide. We even have ‘super stops’ in the CBD. As trams are such an iconic feature of Melbourne, the hometown of the NJM Group, we’ve made protecting them a priority with the Australian Bollards Tram Security Package as a part of the Australian Bollards Roadside Services and Saferoads Division.

Australian Bollards provides the ultimate Tram Security protection package.

Now that Australian Bollards are the sole distributor of Energy Absorbing Bollards, approved by Vic Roads, this completes our tram protection package. Energy Absorbing Bollards are best placed where high collision takes place, preventing damage to; the road, the tram ‘super stop’, the tram itself, other cars, the driver and most importantly, people. With pedestrians in such close proximity to tram stops, the energy absorbing bollard (AB-EAB) provides ultimate protection. Capable of withstanding a high impact of a 1600kg vehicle travelling up to 60 kph, the AB-EAB absorbs shock and kinetic energy during a collision, reducing any injuries to the driver. The design ensures protection for pedestrians, assets and drivers alike. AB-EAB is a subsurface bollard that requires excavation to install. The components compose of the EAB, The EAB can be manufactured with fencing in between, reinforcing security.

Australian Bollards provides the ultimate Tram Security protection package.

Australian Handrails as a part of the NJM Group, engineers, manufactures and installs protective stanchions designed especially for Melbourne’s tram stops. The AB-Stanchions are combined with handrails and horizontal wiring, a sleek, modern and iconic look to Melbourne’s transport system. Stanchions are designed to provide a safety barrier between both the road of oncoming traffic and the footpath of passing pedestrians. The use of these barriers is highly encouraged because of their benefits. Capable of withstanding significant force, stanchions permit the enhancement of providing pedestrian safety. They help shield people not only from some of Victoria’s busiest roads but will help prevent any trams from colliding with other vehicles if derailing off the tracks.

Australian Bollards provides the ultimate Tram Security protection package.

The NJM Group is proud of its close ties with Melbourne and looks forward to always providing the highest quality protection. For more information on our AB-EAB or the AB-Stanchions please call us on +613 9459 3488 or visit our website today.

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