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Australian Bollards - Soft Approach to Hard Security

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 Australian Bollards takes a very strong focus on taking a soft approach to hard security. Bollards don’t just come in your typical standard long, slim range, they can come in many shapes and sizes and at Australian Bollards we can design the perfect soft approach bollard that you desire.

Spherical granite bollards are a very common soft approach bollard chosen to suffice hard security, their slick and modern look is perfect for customers wanting to take an architectural approach. The Melbourne city of Geelong is actually famous for its renowned bollards. All along the beach are bollards designed as humans, coming in a different variety of categories and eras, they were implemented all the way back in 1980. Australian Bollards is still able to provide soft approach bollards such as those that were applied in Geelong 40 years ago. 

The beach has always been a place of significance due to its feel-good factor. Soft approach bollards are bollards that can help incorporate that feeling to patrons. Due to the fact they can come in any shape or size we can create a bollard that perfectly represents the beach, such as a beachball bollard or a shell bollard etc.

We can help you implement any soft approach bollard that fits your requirement. Stadiums, shopping centres, art centres, galleries, cinemas. Australian Bollards will proudly help distribute a soft approach bollard that not only looks and suits your venue but acts as strong safety solution for customers and pedestrians on the premises. 

Soft approach bollards are mainly focused on their aesthetics. But they are still a serious high-end safety solution. The spherical streetscape bollard weighs in at one tonne. This ensures that it can withhold high impact collisions with vehicles. They can include lighting and seating functionalities also. 

The bollards are all PAS68 compliant, this means the products have had impact testing and rating hostile vehicle mitigation. Blockers and barriers are also tested to be PAS compliant; this is to make sure they can be used properly for security and counter terrorism purposes. 

Australian Bollards is always ready to help give you aesthetically pleasing, architecturally designed, functional, high-quality, strong and durable bollards at a moment notice.

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