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Australian Bollards - Securing and Protecting Your Marquee

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Marquee tents are a mixture of both a pole tent and a frame tent. They can be used for several types of events and can be designed to correctly cater for the type of event taking place. Australian Bollards has event bollards a solution perfectly suited to help stabilise, secure and protect your marquee tent and the event that it is catering for.

There are pavilion marquees which are used for heavy duty events, pinnacle marquees which are used for commercial heavy-duty events and crest marquees which are customised to suit commercial events, there are also dome marquees which are a unique and stylish dome shaped event tent. Marquees are commonly used for exhibits at trade shows, booths at carnivals and fetes or large events such as outdoor parties and weddings.

Extreme-Marquees, Mountain Shade and The Marquee Company are some of the major Australian marquee developers and producers. Australian Bollards is able to design concrete event bollards that can stabilise the tent. Depending on weather conditions, wind and heavy rain can play a role in effecting the tent and its movement, concrete event bollards can be tied/connected to the marquee helping to keep it stable and able to withstand any type of weather or terrain that crosses it.

Ballistic sleeves are also available if the client wants. Ballistic sleeves are a perfect way to showcase your brand and can be used as a promotional tool for your company, especially if your marquee is set up at an outdoor expo or carnival.

Depending on where your marquee has been placed concrete event bollards are a safety solution from any type of vehicle that could pose a threat. The concrete event bollards have a propriety security insert to make them even more impact-resistant than bollards of similar dissent. This makes them safer than most bollards, making sure no damage can be done if it is struck by a vehicle.

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