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Australian Bollards - Melbourne Airport Parking Protection

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Australian Bollards has a wide range of our products spread across Melbourne Airport;                               

We have a range of airport parking protection solutions such as the tyre killer spike barrier, the retractable automatic bollard and the boom gate access control system. The tyre killer spike barrier can be used as both a speed hump and as an access point, making sure that cars cannot speed around the airport as it is filled with pedestrians. In the case of an emergency it will allow traffic to easily leave the area. The retractable automatic bollard is also perfect for allowing traffic to escape easily in the case of an airport emergency, it is also a high impact barrier solution, able to stop vehicles at fast speeds. The boom gate access control system is also compatible with airport parking, as it works perfectly with the parking ticketing system.

Melbourne airport has many car parks spread across its very large premises, the tyre killer spike barrier (AB-TK-SB) is a one-way traffic solution. It can be set up as a semi-automatic, automatic or manual system. When the spikes are in a closed-position they allow access and when the spikes are raised, they stop access from one side.

Retractable automatic bollard (AB-PB168-900S) are bollards installed at a vehicle entrance and or exit point. There are commands that are sent by a remote control or by other control systems that makes the bollard automatically go down to ground level allowing passageway through for vehicles. Retractable automatic bollards are perfect for airports as they are easily controllable.

The boom gate access control system (AB-DBA-900) is also a very well-suited solution for allowing the correct personnel in and out of airport car parks. The AB-DBA-900 is DDA compliant, it also comes with a warning safety beacon lighting and siren, making it easily visible at night. Melbourne airport has many different car parks in terms of time of stay and cost. The boom gate access control system is the solution to making sure customers aren’t allowed to leave without paying correct costs and for stopping tailgating from occurring. They are also compatible with some of our other parking solutions such as the security camera bollards, intercom systems, height bars and card readers.

Australian Bollards has also worked alongside Virgin Airlines Australia installing bollards for them to protect their assets.


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