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Australian Bollards - Making Your Business Secure Today

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Keeping ones assets in a warehouse well secure and safe can be quite a challenge if the appropriate measures aren’t put in place. To help fix this problem, Australian Bollards can provide businesses with a convenient, efficient solution in asset protection and public security in the AB-RSF.     

The RHINO Security Fence perfect for safeguarding a range of facilities and terrains like warehouses, schools, car parks, loading docks, hospitals and shopping centres.

With public safety always a priority, the AB-RSF is crash tested to demonstrate compliance with AS/NZS 2890.1: Parking Facilities – Off Street Car Parking (2004), which makes it capable of stopping a 2000kg vehicle travelling speeds up to 20km and at angle of 90 degrees.  It is also compliant to the 40kN impact load (Type G) and 30kN impact load (Type F) as described in AS/NZS 1170.1: Structural Design Actions, Part 1 (2002).

Australian Bollards can also customise this solution to cover a perimeter of any size, making it suitable for a facility or warehouse of any size.

Measuring 1100mm in height, this aesthetically pleasing solution is convenient and easy to install and comes in a hot dip galvanised finish which adds further protection to the product.  

The RHINO Security Fence also includes energy absorbing technology which prevents damage to the substrate, a unique tooth clamp connection structure which greatly reduces the possibility of dismantling, while its advanced coating technology ensures extra long lifetime.

Last September the team at Australian Bollards installed its RHINO Crash Rail System at the Early Learning Centre on St. Helena’s Road in Greensborough. 

For more information on our range and services including the RHINO Crash Barrier System, please give us a call on +613 9459 3488 or visit our website today.  

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