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At Australian Bollards we believe convenience and safety is a priority in this day and age. We have provided many solutions for our customers over the years and the RFID UHF Long Range Access Control System is no different. 

Operating similarly to how an E Tag would, this system is an ultra high frequency (UHF) long range card reader that comes in the size of a small module. This access control solution will help with speeding up the process of a vehicle entering commercial and/or residential buildings while also preventing unauthorised vehicles entering the location.

This is possible through the use of ultra high frequency radio waves, where the system communicates wirelessly between the reader and the receiver. After scanning the access card placed inside the car, the reader sends a signal to the boom barrier; located in front of the vehicle, to raise itself, thereby allowing the driver to enter the premises.

As well as making driving into a car parks more fluent, this access control solution can also be utilised on the road and help save lives.

These scanning devices can be installed on gantries on major roads such as freeways and can detect mobile phone activity in a vehicle. By doing this, the system can help make the roads a safer place for everyone and make “Towards Zero” an achievable goal in the near future.  With 268 lives lost on Victorian roads last year, safety on our roads is non-negotiable and a must.

The UHF system is ideal for commercial and residential locations such as hotels, businesses, universities and car parks while it can also be integrated into other operating security systems in a simple time efficient manner.  

A product which complements the RFID UHF Long Range Access Control System is the DDA compliant AB-DBA-900 Magnetic Automation Boom Barrier, as together they combine to make the perfect access control solution.     

The Boom Barrier is an access control solution that is generally located at the entry point of a facility or business and will determine who is allowed access into the premises. 

What makes the AB-DBA-900 Boom Barrier a DDA compliant solution (Disability Discrimination Act, 1992) is that it is installed with a blue strobe light which will make the product easier to see and that it features a siren which will activate when the barrier is being utilised.

The barrier can also be installed with LED illumination that will strengthen its visibility, thereby making it useful for all hours across the day.     

With over 25 years experience in the industry, you can be assured that Australian Bollards manufactures its products to the highest standard and with the utmost care and quality.

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