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Australian Bollards - Keeping Melbourne Airport Protected

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Australian Bollards - Melbourne Airport

First built in July of 1970, Melbourne International Airport is now expected to see over 60 million travellers walk through its doors by 2030.

As our bollards are engineered to protect infrastructure, traffic management, parking systems and asset protection, Australian Bollards has teamed up with Melbourne Airport to provide a more safe and secure environment.

Australian Bollards are committed to providing high quality products and services, to ensure continuous improvement to your business.

Australian Bollards has provided Stainless Steel Flexible Bollards, Floor Mounted Bump Rails and High Impact Bollards both internally and externally to Melbourne Airport. 

The AB-WT168R-S Stainless Steel Bollard, installed in the long-term car park at Melbourne Airport, comes with a linished stainless steel cap and Australian Bollards branded reflective tape.

The AB-FLX50-S Stainless Steel Bollard is mainly used in supermarkets, airports and shopping centres. As there is a high chance of trolleys ramming into areas with glass, these bollards help to prevent damage from occurring. This bollard also has flexible properties that adds to its logitivity, so that it does not damage the trolleys or the bollard itself, if a collision occurs.  

Australian Bollards - Melbourne Airport

The AB-FMBR-SA Floor Mounted Bump Rail is typically mounted on flat bar posts with a circular base-plate and countersunk fixings. Our floor mounted version bump rail is typically used when surfaces are not suitable for wall mounting and are designed to protect items such as glass windows or walls, insulated wall panels and masonry wall, from damage caused by trolleys, mobile bin units and pallet trucks, including other forms of wheeled traffic. 

For more information on both Stainless-Steel Bump Rail’s and Bollards, call us on +613 9459 3488 or visit our website.


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