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Australian Bollards - Kalgoorlie Shopping Centre Re-Development

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You may have heard of Kalgoorlie, a small town in Western Australia with a population of close to 30,000, it is renowned for the famous golden mine that sparked the greatest gold rush ever in Australian history. However, the town’s main CBD is struggling for good looking infrastructure. To help inject some spark and excitement back into the town, there is a new project being developed to upgrade the Kalgoorlie Shopping Centre. The project is being estimated to finish towards the end of this year. City of Kalgoorlie chief-executive John Walker is hoping the new shopping centre will inject a lease of life into the CBD.

The new development is a major upgrade for the small Western Australia based town. With locals hoping the project is a sign of future things to come.

Australian Bollards has a very wide range of shop front security bollards. The spherical streetscape bollard and the stainless-steel high impact bollard which are both safety solution to protect shop fronts. Made from concrete, cast iron or granite our spherical streetscape bollard (part of our vanguard range) perfectly protect shopfront entrances and pathways. Our spherical bollards have been installed at many shopping centres across Australia, along with its strong protection service it has a very aesthetically pleasing image, bringing a feel-good factor to local customers.

Australian bollard also has on offer the stainless-steel high impact bollard, they are sub-surface mounted (core drilled) and removable. Providing a solution to ram-raids and access control.

Australian Bollards has the perfect safety, protection and architecturally pleasing solutions for Kalgoorlie’s new shopping centre. The Coles’ car park at Kalgoorlie shops is receiving a brand-new re-development, Australian Bollards has the perfect parking solutions such as the AB-WS-1650 rubber wheel stop and the. Our wheel stops are an environmentally friendly, lightweight solution, designed perfectly to control the travel of a vehicle driving into a parking spot and stopping any obstruction or inconvenience to pedestrians. We also offer the two-sided trolley corral (AB-TRC-L02) as well, the corral is designed to keep shopping trolleys safe and protected, along with keeping them in a secure place and stopping the trolleys from coming in contact with nearby vehicles.

Australian Bollards looks forward to potentially helping in the new development of the new look Kalgoorlie shopping centre and its opening towards the back end of this year.

For more information on our car-park solutions and shop front bollard protection range, feel free to contact us on +613 9459 3488 or visit our website.

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