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Australian Bollards - Iconic Fashion Label Ram-Raided

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Not even one of the worlds most iconic fashion retail companies is safe from thieves. Louis Vuitton’s Brisbane store was the latest target of yet another ram-raid attack. The store was hit by the thieves at around 5am, witnesses told police they saw the men ram into the store repeatedly in a small hatchback, they managed to break their way through and stole thousands of dollars’ worth of stock and left thousands of dollars’ worth of damages.

Australian Bollards has several anti-ram raid solutions, including the key lockable stainless-steel bollard and the PAS 68 shallow mounted bollards. These bollards are all designed and manufactured to specifically help protect people, property and stop heavy impact from vehicles. They can act as solutions to hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM). Hostile Vehicle Mitigation are safety measures taken into consideration in the best interest for civilians to be protected against vehicle terrorism.

The anti-ram bollard comes in fixed or removable, and are designed to protect, combat and prevent Australian retail owners from their properties having goods stolen from them or any potential damages to their shop that can be caused by cars ram-raiding.

The stainless steel fixed shallow mounted system (AB-2.5T-64KPH – PAS68) is designed to protect people and properties from hostile and runaway vehicles. They are engineered to provide a high-level of proven security performance, with the bollards being able to withstand the impact of a 2.5 tonne hostile vehicle, travelling at speeds of up to 64km/h. They are a perfect ram-raid protection solution.

We have a wide range of our products and bollards set up across Australia helping protect retail stores and all their assets. Major shopping centres such as Chadstone, North Blackburn, Aspendale Gardens and Westfield Doncaster are a few major names who we have helped with in contributing to asset protection.

For more information on our anti-ram raid solutions please contact us on +613 9459 3488 or visit our website.

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