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Australian Bollards – Help At Just The Push Of A Button

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With total fire bans being implemented throughout the summer months across large regions in the state of Victoria and the rest of Australia, hundreds of fire fighters are trying to help restrict the spread of bushfires.  

With public safety at the forefront of Australian Bollards mind, to help out in these tough times, Australian Bollards have devised a solution which will inform and alert people of the dangers bushfires present as well as other potential hazards. This solution comes in the form of the AB-SPEHP-200; the Solar Powered Emergency Help Point Bollard.

The Solar Powered Emergency Help Point Bollard is an environmental friendly solution which can help guide people in tough times. At the press of a button, the user is able to communicate with a consultant and alert them of what problem is occurring in the community which can vary from a range of things including bushfires, strong wind currents or even hostile vehicle attacks, which will help save lives.

The AB-SPEHP-200 can also provide information and/or alerts about potential dangerous situations and give advice to the listener on what to do.

With a 4G capability, this wireless standalone emergency solution has the ability to connect regional and urban communities at the press of a button to send appropriate security and medical agencies or offer information and advice.

The Emergency Help Point Bollard can also be integrated with any existing monitoring security system and can be implemented with minimal infrastructure, highlighting its flexibility and efficiency.

Not only is installation quick and easy, the Solar Powered Emergency Help Point Bollard is a 24/7 protective solution, featuring a mounted solar panel (which powers the inbuilt batteries giving the SPEHP operation for a minimum 72 hours), a CCTV camera and a flashing blue strobe. This efficient solution is ideal for all locations including bus shelters, car parks, national parks, shopping centres and much more.      

The Solar Powered Emergency Help Point Bollard is a viable long-term solution that will keep people notified and up to date with current affairs around the region and beyond.

Australian Bollards can also customise the Solar Powered Emergency Help Point Bollard to suit your requirements.

Australian Bollards has also previously installed Emergency Help Point Bollards at the Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital and Northern Health Hospital which provide safety for staff and patients alike.    

As we look to help and provide people with the highest level of safety and protection, Australian Bollards is always looking to create more innovating and safer products to make society as safe as possible.

Make Australian Bollards your point of contact when it comes to keeping your family and community safe.

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