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Australian Bollards - Foot Traffic Protection

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Australia’s two main tourist destinations are Melbourne and Sydney, with approximately 949,000 people walking through the Melbourne city centre every day. Melbourne also has 2.7 million tourists visit on average a year, along with the tourists 9.3 million residents will also pass through the CBD. 

Sydney is also a large tourist attraction for Australia with 4 million tourists passing through the city every year. Due to all these pedestrians passing through it is important that their health and safety is taken into consideration The Hostile Mitigation Bollard System is perfect for heavy foot traffic.

One of Australia’s busiest intersections has the been the target of several attacks, the intersection between Flinders Street and Elizabeth Street has been hit on three separate occasions by car attacks. Since the tragedies occurred Melbourne City Council has since acted in response to the health, safety and security of pedestrians surrounding Flinders and Elizabeth Street. A 50-million-dollar security protection project was put into place, which consisted of the installation of permanent fixed bollards replacing concrete cubes to ensure the protection of everyone. The bollards installed were stainless steel non-retractable bollards. More than 25,000 people use the crossing between Flinders Street Station and heritage pub Young and Jackson during peak hour every day. Flinders Street is Melbourne’s most passed by train station with half a million passengers and pedestrians walking through and past it each week.

Flinders Street was yet again the target for another car attack, yesterday police charged a man who stopped trams and traffic in front of the busy Melbourne intersection. The man would stand on the roof of his car shouting at police to come and stop him before then getting back into his car, while doing doughnuts outside the station and causing havoc. He was charged with reckless conduct endangering life and a number of traffic offences.

During yesterday’s attack all pedestrians in the surrounding area escaped unharmed. The installation of permanent HVM stainless steel bollards could be the main factor why. The installation of the bollards ensured that the man could not recklessly drive through the footpath.

Australian Bollards is committed to providing products and services of a high quality that consistently exceeds our customers’ expectations and industry standards. Health and safety is always our number one priority. 

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