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Australian Bollards – First Rate Anti-Terrorism Protection

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As governments all over the world continue to develop and perfect strategies in attempts to protect crowded spaces and public areas from terrorist, VBIED and HVM attacks, Australian Bollards is proud to offer a large range of Anti-terrorism protection bollards. These Anti-terrorism bollards come in many different types, from automatic surface or shallow mounted Centurion siding bollards, permanent HVM planters and street furniture that can be refurbished to be Engineered PAS 68 rated bollards.

Some of these anti-terrorism solutions fall under our Soft approach of hard security, such as the street furniture and the hostile vehicle mitigation planters. The soft approach to hard security takes regular looking street furniture and upgrades it with PAS 68 or IWA-14.1 rated, so that they become anti-terrorism bollards, that look non-threatening but are strong enough to stop any course of vehicle borne attacks. One of the VBIED planters offered by Australian Bollards are pictured below.

Another solution we offer are our concrete and timber street furniture pieces, that can be built to cover PAS 68 rated bollards to protect pedestrians from vehicle borne improvised explosive devices (VBIED). This hostile vehicle mitigation solution offered by Australian bollards is also pictured below


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