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Australian Bollards features on 3AW

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Australian Bollards Managing Director Nicholas Marasco went on the 3AW show ‘Drive Home with Tom Elliot’ last night to discuss all thing bollards and public safety.

3AW reached out to Australian Bollards to discuss these issues in light of increasing terror and ram-raid attacks. 

This 3AW interviews comes on the same day as Australian Bollards was featured in The Age newspaper which discussed similar topics.

Nicholas said his business has “been improving for quite a long time”.

“In regards to what happened in January on Bourke Street, with that unfortunate incident, councils, federal governments, large complexes such as the MCG and AAMI park, Crown, RMIT, Melbourne University are all looking they are all looking at increasing their security to provide a safe zone for their staff and their students,” he said.

“It’s easy to say let’s just put a water barrier or someone with a red vest there, we have an approach that we talk about providing a soft approach to hard security, which is putting in something that can complement the look of the area while fortifying it.”

An example of this soft approach to hard security is a proposal for a tennis ball shaped one tonne bollard, which would look great at Melbourne Olympic Park while providing a high level of security.

With increasing threats to public safety from terrorism, ram-raids and attacks from malicious people, Australian Bollards is proud to be spreading a message of safety and providing solutions to make our country safer.

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