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Australian Bollards - Embracing New Parking Technology Today

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When it comes to parking ones car, people have traditionally paid for a parking spot via ticket machines but in this age of artificial intelligence there are always new and improving methods being created.        

To fit in with this modern age of technology, Australian Bollards have devised the latest artificial intelligence solution with the AB-CB.

Designed to speed up the process of entering and exiting of a user-pay parking facility, the AB-CB is a game changer in automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) technology as it is a faster, more time efficient method for drivers compared to parking ticket machines.

The AB-CB comes with an inbuilt camera that is housed and well protected inside a bollard, which can either be installed in a surface or sub-surfaced fashion.

The camera would then proceed to scan the number plates of any oncoming vehicles driving into a car park and store the information in its database.

Upon departing the car park, the AB-CB will scan the number plate of the car and display on its screen the entry and departure time and the parking fee.

These number plate recognition camera bollards require low levels of maintenance and are a perfect solution that can be used at entrances to shopping centre, stadiums and company car parks.

The AB-CB can be integrated into any parking system and can be customised to suit our customers’ needs. The AB-CB also comes in a stainless steel or powder coated finish.    

Other products we manufacture that complement our ANPR Camera Bollards are our ED-S 43 Car Park Variable Rate Boards and the AB-DBA-900 Boom Barriers.

These “Variable Rate Boards” display “parking guidance information” and “variable message signs” and come with a life expectancy of 50,000 hours (six years). Our “Boom Barriers” on the other hand are a solution that will provide security to the entrance of a premise and protect its assets.

Australian Bollards have been manufacturing innovative solutions for our customers for over 25 years, providing them with the very best when it comes to asset and security protection.

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