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Australian Bollards - APM Signage

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The APM Signage system by Australian Bollards allows companies to really showcase their brand. It can also display messages and images to customers. It can also be used as a good source of advertising. It brings a feel-good factor to customers. The system is located across major shopping centres throughout Victoria such as Chadstone, Doncaster and Melbourne Central.

The Automated Payment Machine System is a quick and easy ticketing payment solution by Skidata. It includes a HD and colour combine touch screen that gives the customer lots of information. It also easily allows you to pay for parking with cash or card.

Customers are able to digitally read parking and ticketing information. It has simple, compatible and powerful coin and note slots 

The APM System is automated, making customers parking experience feel more advanced. It lets you digitally change rates, helping your company increase revenue by allowing you to be able to adjust prices according to busy and slow periods. 

APM Signage enhances the user experience. It is the perfect product to help bring the feel-good factor to customers, making them feel at a place of significance by its modern and advanced look. 

The APM also comes with a live assistance support system. This permits customer’s having difficulties with the machine to contact a customer service officer who can help walk the patron through the issue step by step.    

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