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Australian Bollards - ANPR Systems at its finest

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Overtime, the team at Australian Bollards has provided multiple solutions for our customers, as adequate protection is considered a top priority. 

Australian Bollards Automatic Number Plate Recognition Security System is a low maintenance, tamper resistant solution, which is engineered for vehicle access monitoring and the recording of essential information. Although this product is primarily installed in parking lots, it can be used on highways and toll roads to capture speeding drivers.

The camera bollard is capable of surface or sub-surface mounting, and is available in either a stainless steel or powder coated finish. Astonishingly, these units can house CCTV Video, Automatic Number Plate Recognition or Plate Capture DVR devices and can be adjusted to suit the corresponding height of the vehicle. 

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), also known as an LPR Camera, is a specialised type of video surveillance camera that is designed to capture numbers and letters of licence plates on vehicles. This allows vehicle registration plates to be read, which creates vehicle location data. They employ both built-in software and hardware that compensates for speed, weather, and headlight glare.

As mobile phone use while driving in Australia remains to be a serious and ongoing issue, Australian Bollards UHF (Ultra-High Frequency) Long Range Parking Reader System is another great parking solution that your business can opt for.

Mentioned by Australian Bollards previously, the UHF long range parking reader system helps stops drivers going on their phones as the system can scan their car. This is because their car will be registered in the RFID system. This system is smart and secure, as other companies require an app, or alternate device, which leaves drivers distracted whilst behind the wheel. 

RFID is another access control system that takes specific data from a specific RFID reader, which is implemented inside the software. Alternatively, this system makes it possible to read and write data without contact. The reader can both grant entry or denial into certain areas, depending on their authorisation status.

Ultimately, Australian Bollards Camera Bollards are the perfect system to provide safety for parking spaces, ensuring that all equipment is secure, as well as only granting access to those of authorised personnel. 

For more information on our camera bollards, please call us on +613 9459 3488 or visit our website. 

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