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Australian Bollards - Ampol Australia Returns

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Caltex is one of Australia’s largest companies, they recently announced that they will be bringing back Ampol, their original fuel brand name that was loved by Australians.

Ampol was established in 1936, it went on to eventually merge with Caltex Australia in 1995. The company will start their identity reboot this year and the full transition will be completed over the course of the next three years.

Australian Bollards has been providing bollards to a wide range of well-known petrol stations throughout Australia including Caltex, other renowned petrol stations such as Shell, 7-11, BP and Mobil.

Australian Bollards has the AB-HI168-AMPOL Bollard, Designed and created to protect fuel pumps and other service station equipment from collisions coming from vehicles. The bollard comes as both a fixed and removable version, with a storage sleeve and cover plate both included.

Managing Director and CEO of Caltex Australia, Julian Segal, spoke about the importance of bringing back the iconic Australian brand that is trusted by Australians.

“Ampol is an iconic Australian name - a brand which reflects our deep Australian heritage and expertise,” said Mr Segal.

Australian Bollards always has the health and safety of our customers as our number one priority. We want to ensure that all new and existing customers of Ampol will be protected by Ampol Bollards.

“Our market research confirmed that Ampol continues to be regarded as a trusted brand by Australian consumers – even those who weren’t born when the brand was retired. Our decision to bring Ampol back reflects the focus we still have today on our heritage of friendly and efficient service, high-quality Australian-made products and being part of the local community.

“Many of our employees and customers still have strong memories of what Ampol stood for in Australia. It’s a brand that our people, partners and customers can be proud to be part of helping to recreate and revitalise and it remains a perfect fit for the modern company we are today.”

We at Australian Bollards are excited and looking forward to the re-introduction of Ampol Australia.

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