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Australia’s biggest ride is a reminder of our strong bicycle culture

by: Australian Bollards on

It’s no surprise Around the Bay in a Day has become Australia’s most iconic one day bicycle ride. With nine ride options and seven ride distances ranging between 25 and 250 kilometres, there is something for every age and fitness level. 

It’s the perfect event for everyone, from competitive bicycle teams to families that just want to enjoy their time outdoors.

This Sunday, Around the Bay celebrates its 25th ride, showcasing just how cemented bicycle culture has become around Australia.

More and more of us jump on the bike for transportation or recreational purposes. The Australian Bicycle Council has released data showing that 19% of Sydney residents use a bicycle at least once a week, with an increase of 4% in 2011.

And why not? After all, bicycling comes with plenty of benefits to both cyclists and society.

One of them is health. Bicycling provides an aerobic workout which is great for heart, brain and blood vessels. It also releases endorphins, the feel-good hormone.

At the same time, bicycling is a low-impact exercise that’s easy on the joints. Many people who can’t do any other exercise often don’t have any problems with bicycling.

 Biking also has many benefits for society. Using bikes for transportation can relieve traffic congestion, as they are smaller than cars. They only take up as much space as one person needs – as opposed to cars that often have space for five people but only transport one at the time.

They are good for the environment as well. Bikes don’t use gas or electricity, so they make an eco-friendly alternative to cars og public transport.

It’s also a safe form of transportation. People often believe that biking is dangerous, but statistics show only 2.7% of the people killed on our roads were riding a bicycle.

The many benefits to bicycling prompts more and more people to purchasing their own bike. This is a great trend, but not everyone wants to own their own bike.

For those of us who feel we can’t afford it, or just don’t want another item taking up space in the garage, another option is available.

Bike sharing offers all the same benefits without the need to own a bicycle. With Australian Bike Share, it has never been easier to just jump on a bike and get going. We offer an innovative approach to traditional bike sharing, with a user friendly app based key less system.

We look forward to grow with Australian bicycle culture. And we wish you a great ride Around the Bay on Sunday.

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