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Art meets Security

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'Blockage by Nina Sanadze is a temporary exhibit - running from March 28th till April 28th - portraying and examining concrete bollards in our public areas. There are three public sculptural installations throughout the South-East Melbourne area. This exhibit playfully changes our views on bollards, encouraging thought-provoking ideas about safety and security. The three sculptures are:

  • 'Bollard up a Tree'
  • 'Building Blocks'
  • 'Safeguard'

Here at Australian Bollards, we want to reframe your association with bollards. We have a range of bollards that enhance public safety, while seamlessly existing in the background, without hinging on the atmosphere.

Some of these bollards are specifically designed to take a soft approach to hard security. While we've made a conscious effort to make these bollards aesthetically appealing, they're just as strong as ever. Our Spherical Streetscape Bollards and our VBIED Bollards are designed so you can feel safe, secure and happy.

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