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Adelaide Man Crashes Way Through Pedestrian Thoroughfare

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Turmoil unfolded in Adelaide over the weekend as a drunken man took a one-way trip down a pedestrian thoroughfare in Leigh Street. The man was put under citizen’s arrest after attempting to take a short-cut down the pedestrian only street.

Luckily, the man was stopped in his tracks after crashing into planter boxes and street furniture designed to mitigate hostile vehicle attacks. This resulted in no members of the public being injured.

Australian Bollards is a strong advocate of taking a soft approach to hard security and applaud Adelaide for installing planter boxes and street furniture to mitigate such attacks.

The driver recorded a blood alcohol reading of 0.153 which is 3 times the legal limit. The drunken antics highlight the importance of safety measures in high population areas, considering potential terror plots and high-speed accidents.

Australian Bollards provides designs to implement a soft approach to hard security. Years of experience in dealing with such instances has provided a wealth of knowledge to mitigate future occurrences.

VBIED designer bollards are a prime example of a soft approach to hard security and will mitigate any hostile vehicle attacks whilst still providing functionality through potential lighting and seating designs. The bollards provide PAS68 protection meaning that they are of the highest standard.

The City of Melbourne have also been active in protecting busy social hubs and have recently decided to remove concrete bollards and replace them with attractive street furniture.

Street Furniture is an important decision in maintaining the beautiful appearance of Australian cities. Australian Bollards provides for comprehensive planning to overcome hostile vehicle attacks and can supply and install such street furniture in requested areas.

Not only does a soft approach increase visual appeal and security, but it assists in allowing to civilians to feel comfortable. The presence of big concrete bollards may make civilians feel as though there is an imminent danger. However, the presence of street furniture, planter boxes or visually appealing designer bollards will have pedestrians captivated by the stunning scenery.

If you are interested in our soft approach to hard security, feel free to contact us on +613 9459 3488, or look at our catalogue.

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