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AB-Flex-Impact-Barriers - Making Warehouses Safer Today.

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Warehouses are busy work sites, they can be filled with several employees and a number of forklifts at any one time. If the appropriate safety measures aren't put in place, the warehouse can quickly become a site filled with workplace accidents. 

To help prevent such events from happening, Australian Bollards is pleased to provide the solution with our range of AB-Flex-Impact Barriers in the AB-Flex-Impact-TB Plus and AB-Flex-Impact-HP Plus.

These shock absorbing barriers are a convenient, efficient, strong solution that will make your warehouse a safer work zone.

Our AB-Flex-Impact TB Plus and AB-Flex-Impact HP Plus barriers are a durable and sturdy solution and will help businesses keep the site floor a hazard free environment for its employees and even unfortunate circumstances from happening in the first place.

When positioned at strategic places in the warehouse, the barriers can prevent forklifts or other vehicles from driving into large storage shelves holding goods and services, or instead be used to create designated walkways for employees to go about the site floor - avoiding forklifts - in a safe manner.  

Made from flexible polymer, the AB-Flex-Impact Barrier provides a crash protection solution that requires little to no maintenance. This is because of the barriers flexible locking method which allows it to absorb the force from a collision and remain firm during impact.

Tested and approved, not only do Australian Bollard’s AB-Flex-Impact Barriers perfectly complement any warehouse or facility, the barriers are also resistant to UV rays, chemicals and corrosion.

Other products we manufacture that work well with the AB-Flex-Impact Barriers in warehouses include our Armco BarriersColumn and Corner Guards as well as our Expandable Barriers.   

The team at Australian Bollards is always striving to manufacture and deliver the very best there is to offer in asset protection and public safety for our customers.

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