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A solution to dangerous speeding in school zones

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Students are going back to school after the holiday, but problems arise as drivers seem to consider speed limits optional. 

In Canberra, more than 400 drivers were caught speeding in school zones in the first week of term. At the Narrubundah College and Gold Creek High School, almost 100 cars were caught speeding.  

At Radford College, one driver drove 76 kilometres per hour in the 40-kilometre-per-hour school zone and at Daramalan Colege and Canberra College, drivers were pulled over after speeding by more than 30 kilometres per hour. 

The infringements are a source of concern for police. ACT policing's head of traffic operations, Marcus Boorman, emphasises the 40 km/h speed limit is there for a reason as it allows car time to react in unpredictable situations.

Road Safety Minister Shane Rattenbury acknowledges the problem as well and wants to find a solution individually with the schools, whether it’s speed humps or other measures. 

"I think the answer is actually looking at each school and their individual circumstances … they're all in slightly different environments across the city," Mr Rattenbury said. 

Australian Bollards agrees the best approach would be to consider each school's individual needs. We offer a wide range of customised solutions to fit any circumstances.

Our rubber speed humps are one way to make drivers slow down in the zones. Australian Bollards Speed Bumps are environmentally friendly and manufactured from recycled rubber. They are an easy, effective solution that would enforce speed limits and keep the area safe for students. 

However some might worry the speed humps could cause traffic delays as cars are often forced to slow down more than the speed limit. That’s why Australian Bollards also offers another innovative alternative: the smart speed hump. 

The smart speed hump solves many of the disadvantages of the traditional speed humps and allows for a seamless experience for drivers who stay within the speed limit. 

The smart speed hump has a speed detector, so the speed hump only activates if the approaching vehicle is exceeding the limit. Speeding vehicles are forced to slow down, however anyone travelling at an appropriate speed will not be affected. 

School safety can also be ensured in other ways than speed humps. Accidents can happen if vehicles get out of control in school zones. They can easily mount the curb and hit students. Bollards are the most effective way to create a barrier between students and traffic and can even be customised to each school's aesthetics and individual requirements. 

Our soft approach to hard security range includes unobtrusive and decorative bollards such as pencil shaped bollards, benches, colourful spheres and even bollards shaped like animals.  

It’s also possible to opt for a sleek, elegant look with our stainless steel bollard. St James Primary School has already led the way for other schools as they installed stainless steel bollards at their drop off zone, making sure their students are kept safe during heavy morning and afternoon traffic. 

Australian Bollards offers road safety solutions for many different circumstances.  

For more information on our products, please visit our road safety website, or click here to learn more about our smart speed hump. For an overview of our soft approach range take a look at our Soft Approach to Hard Security Catalogue, or feel free to contact us directly with any concerns or questions.

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