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A driver’s lucky escape

by: Australian Bollards on

With lack of concentration, a commuter accidentally pushed down the accelerator which had his car reversing into a Glen Waverley petrol bowser. 

Flames erupted and thick, toxic smoke egressed from the car. The quick acting attendant saved the man from the massive fireball.

“It was my mistake. I was just trying to reverse the car,” a visibly shaken Mr Ramakrishnan told 7 News.

Firefighters arrived almost immediately, trying to stop the flames, but the car and the petrol bowser were already damaged. They believe a spark from the car, most likely ignited the gas.

Emergency service workers praised the actions of the quick-thinking service station attendant, who managed to isolate the underground tanks, and helped prevent a-what-could-of-been mammoth explosion.

Bollard protection and hoop barriers at petrol stations or anywhere flammable gas or liquid stored, is paramount, particularly when vehicles drive in close proximity.

We urge businesses to have as much protection a possible, in order to maintain the lives of people in public places, and stop accidents like this from happening.

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