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In the wake of horrific NYC terror attack

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On Tuesday evening, New York encountered its biggest terrorism attack since 9/11.

 Twenty-nine-year-old suspect, Sayfullo Saipov, allegedly rented a Home Depot ute and proceeded to plough down pedestrians under the name of ISIS.

 During the attack, eight were killed and 13 were left injured.

 Saipov, a native Uzbekistani man who has lived in America since 2010, was shot in the abdomen by a police officer before being transported to hospital for treatment.

“Lone-wolf” car attacks are providing cheap ways for terrorists to cause major damage without much funding or planning.

 Melbourne and major cities alike, have been increasing security with temporary bollards and CCTV footage around event locations.

 An international conference set to be held in the coming weeks, which will be attended by Melbourne’s Lord Mayor Robert Doyle presenting new security measures to protect Melbourne.

This is a step forward, in the wake of a horrific attack that will emphasise the importance of unity and protection of our cities.

 Implementing bollards along our roads and footpaths can help prevent VBIED and VBT attacks.

 These bollards don’t need to be harsh, plain concrete blocks but can be beautiful artistic pieces that can enhance our cities and walkways.

 Our cities could incorporate these bollards so vehicles can’t mount curbs and will be prevented from ramming into buildings.

This will ensure our streets are safer and more aesthetically pleasing.

We continue to encourage the Australian Government to increase their national security in ways that can combat even the most unpredictable attacks.

 We also encourage that our government and civilians look past normal practices and procedures to keep our cities safe, but become creative in their outlook as to how we can upscale our security.


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