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65 guns stolen in Melbourne Ram-Raid

by: NJM Group on

Ram-raids have devastating impacts to business owners but a ram-raid in Melbourne’s North could have major implications on Melbourne’s community safety.

At 3am on Monday morning, a semi-trailer ploughed through the fencing of Emporium gun store in Tullamarine. The thieves continued a spree targeting a Thornbury gun store leaving with 65 hand guns.

With criminals accessing vehicles of that size, there are solutions which can be installed to protect against such attacks.

We offer automatic hydraulic bollards which have a K4 rating, this means it will remain operational from 7000kg vehicles travelling at 50km/h and can withstand the impact from larger vehicles travelling faster.

Hydraulic Bollards elegantly rise from the ground to provide VBIED protection when needed.

Illumination functionality can also add to the aesthetic of the property front while also ensuring people don’t drive into it accidently.

Another alternative is the hydraulic ramp barrier, the ultimate Hostile Vehicle Mitigation solution.

With the press of the button, the ramp rises from the ground to stop any unauthorised vehicles in its tracks.

For a complete perimeter solution, rhino fencing comprises of seamless steel posts and high-density welded mesh panels providing 360-degree protection.

Equipped with a unique tooth clamp connection structure that reduces dismantle likelihood, this product has a number of optional accessories including crank arm, barbed wire and concertina razor wire.

Engineered to enhance post strength via its M type design, Rhino Fencing accommodates uneven terrain and is perfectly fortified to resist intruders. 

All these solutions provide easy access control, so when needed authorised vehicles can enter the premises.

This most recent ram-raid is just the last in a series of ram-raids occurring across the country over the Christmas holiday period.

For more information on premises fortification solutions, contact our customer service team on 9459 3488.

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