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5 ram raids in 1 year: Leopold locals demand bollards

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A supermarket in Ash Road, Leopold near Geelong has been ram raided for the third time in as many years. Locals are calling for bollards in their suburb. It’s the fifth Leopold ram raid in a year.

Residents raised the outcry on social media, where some demanded political action or more police. Many others had a simpler solution: Stop the vehicle before crime can strike.

“Why doesn’t the shop keeper install bollards,” read one of the first reactions on Facebook.

Residents say they feel unsafe in their own homes as the crime wave goes on. Ash Road hosts a mix of businesses and homes.

Suffering a ram raid can be devastatingly expensive, but the real cost is risk to life.

High impact bollards can stop a speeding vehicle. Australian Bollards offers PAS 68 compliant solutions, built to withstand VBIED attacks.

Australian Bollards’ safety yellow finish is highly visible day and night, so criminals know that the only property they will damage in a ram raid is their own vehicle.

Safety doesn’t have to break the bank. Bollards are a great deterrent and an assurance that the things you care about will be safe from vehicular crime.

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