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10-tonne tree vs bollard

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The strength of our bollards was tested last week when a ten-tonne tree fell directly on a bollard we had installed at RMIT Bundoora campus.

A crane was needed to pull the tree off the bollard which revealed the amazing fortitude of the product.

To the amazement of RMIT staff, the bollard only had very minor damage, contained to the lid and the stickers on the bollard.

The repair will entail an easy replacement of the lid and sticker, a large saving compared to if the whole bollard needed to be replaced.

While it was an unfortunate incident to have a ten-tonne tree fall at the entrance of the campus, it will give the RMIT premises managers confidence that the bollards will provide a high level of protection in the case of a car accident or ram-raid attack.

 The bollard that was hit was the anti-ram raid access control bollards and this incident provides a testament to the quality of the product.  

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