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LED Speed Hump

  • LED Speed Hump


    AB-FD-300 AB-FD-300 (402 KB)


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    LED Speed Humps are reflective, preventative systems from Australian Bollards’ range of solar solutions, engineered to emit light and restrict vehicular speed in enclosed areas.

    Manufactured from yellow polyurethane with an anti-slipping surface pattern design, these products function in all weather conditions and feature three flashing lights on each side of the unit for outstanding visibility.

    Applicable in a range of locations including commercial premises, petrol stations, car parks, driveways and factories as well as on roads, LED Speed Humps can be utilised for temporary or permanent use as a premium safety option. 

    *** Each Product can be custom made based on specific requirements.


    • - Highly Visible & Reflective at night.
    • - Usable in all weather conditions.
    • - Made of most durable polyurethane.
    • - Anti-Slipping surface Pattern Design.
    • - 3 Flashing LED Lights Each Side.

    • - Covered & Level Car Parks.
    • - Commercial Premises.
    • - Petrol Stations.
    • - Indoor & Outdoor Roads, Driveways.
    • - Convention Spaces or Factories.

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    Welcome to Australian Bollards, aesthetically pleasing architecturally designed, functional, high quality, strong and durable, “One Stop Shop” comprehensive range of products.

    That provide you the perfect economic and cost effective, must have budget solution, for your specific needsOur Bollards are designed to protect Infrastructure, traffic management, car parking system & asset protection.

    We design, manufacture, stock, install, deliver and maintain our bollards, to exacting specifications.

    With complete attention to detail, to provide excellent protection, for personnel, business commercial and or Federal, State or local council assets and security.

    Since its inception in 1992, in excess of 22 years the Australian Bollards team, has been successfully been providing a wealth of knowledge and expertise, guiding many thousands of customers on the correct bollard selections, appropriate to their specific projects applications. 

    Our Australian made and developed bollards, have come a long way from the simple rigid post construction of yester year and are ideal for a wide range of environments, application, uses and duty type options, in all Australia wide conditions.

    They are all manufactured and installed, by our expertly trained and experienced professional installers.

     Our company prides itself in being innovative and solutions orientated Australian based manufacture, working with Australia’s largest commercial and government authorities, providing services which range from bollards, handrails and general engineering services, to building maintenance from our experienced team, all over the country over the past twenty three years, based on our two word philosophy of “Service & Quality”

    We also manufacture and supply:

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    • - Car park safe and secure over car bonnet storage box cabinet lockers.
    • - Handrails.
    • - Steel staircases.
    • - Structural beams.
    • - Bike Racks.
    • - Bike hoops.
    • - Speed Humps.
    • - Wheel Stops.
    • - Boom gates.
    • - Security fencing.
    • - Variable Rate Boards.
    • - Convex Mirrors.
    • - Street furniture.


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  • Sydney Office: 12/50 Margaret St, Sydney, NSW 2000. Australia.
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